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Cyber Sex and Cyber Monday Have a lot in Common!

What a wild, ‘Cyber Sex’ world we live in these days!

Just imagine what our parents and grandparents might think if they realized we may live in a world where within a the click of a mouse you could watch couples, she-males, and even your neighbors next door completely nude participating in live sex shows. Who knew? What I am referring to is of course the ever-growing use by people everywhere of adult webcams sites. It’s truly a prolific phenomenon.

Live adult webcam sites are taking off around the world!
An example of a live adult webcam site pictured called JOYourself. Sites like these are taking off around the world!

Cyber Sex is a global phenomenon

So I should start off by saying that it’s not just cyber Monday we are discussing today, but this article is more meant to be an inflection on just how mainstream adult webcams are, as well as how socially accepted that they have become. Many would actually argue that live webcam sites for adults are a great resource for sage sexual experiences and that they replace much more dangerous activities including real-life unprotected sex. Others will suggest that these adult webcam sites keep couples together and lead to less not more cheating.

However, others say that adult webcam sites lead to women in poor nations being oppressed and forced into a sex industry. We’ll leave that up to others to decide but the fact remains that the use of live sex cam sites continues to skyrocket in all corners of the world. Even in some countries where the practice is not legal adult webcam sites flourish because the site itself is operated outside of that country. Therefore, laws go unenforced.

It seems, at least judging by the fact that now more than 40,000 adult webcam sites are online that there is no visible end in sight to this industry’s growth. So that all brings to me to an observation that inspired us to share this post; cyber Monday sex cam sales!

Someone call the 80's and let them know what's in store!
Someone call the 80’s and let them know what’s in store!

The Deals are not Limited to Department Stores

Today we did a cursory overview of some of the best live sex webcam sites and found that dozens of models at adult cam sites were offering cut-rate services just for cyber Monday.

In other words, some live adult cam sites had discounted their live webcam shows to entice new customers and bring back old ones. All this to entice them into some holiday fun on a purely adult level.

As far as American adult webcams, there is a site called JOYourself of which we found various deals for live webcam shows or cyber sex that are specifically targeting people looking for and searching cyber Monday deals. One, therefore, has to assume that with the rise in online shopping that we have reached a place where the same consumer kicks back in the pajamas from home, orders their holiday gifts, and then in many cases may be taking advantage of adult webcam deals.


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